11 comments on “When I See You

  1. Both the painting and prose are pretty amazing. I was surprised by his exquisite use of lighting and shading in the painting. I don’t usually associate that with him.

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  2. Amazing poem, do you have any idea when he wrote this? I would love to know who inspired it. I’ve had this theory for a while now that whoever writes this beautifully about love, they don’t really know what they’re talking about. They’re perpetually stuck in the “butterflies” phase and they jump from relationship to relationship, always in search of those first thrills.

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    • Ah, a love cynic are you? 😉 No, I searched but I couldn’t find a date for this poem. He started writing poems daily in his early 50’s until his late 70’s so it would likely be in that time period. My impression was that this poem might have been written at the end of a relationship because of the longing. Olga would have left him about the time he started writing poetry but there’s a lot of other “butterflies” options as you so aptly put. 🙂

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      • Noooo, I’m not a love cynic, really. I simply want to enjoy the poems/songs without thinking that the writer must have been the greatest lover ever.

        I thought the longing he referred to was the separation anxiety that couples get in the beginning of their relationships, when they can’t stand to be even an hour apart. So I’m hoping he dedicated that to Marie-Therese. I love his paintings of her.

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      • Okay, not a cynic but a realistic romantic which is a good way to enjoy poems/songs. 🙂 I think you’re probably right about it being Marie-Therese. The other I thought it might be if it was as you’ve suggested at the beginning of their romance was Francoise, “desires for the tastes that I had never known existed”. They were opposites in a lot of ways besides him being 60 and her 22. There’s a lot of possibilities.

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