16 comments on “WPC: Life imitates Art

  1. Wow. so inspired. Thank you for insights on Warhol’s process. This is perfect timing as a Warhol exhibition is coming to town soon. I see the POP art with a fresh take. Your shadow in the composition along with the quote ‘ I wanted to paint nothing’ brings a fresh perception to the role of the Artist as (not) being there – the negative space is alive. By not being there you paint nothing – the purest of things. Brilliant.

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    • Thanks Lita. Wish I was there! There’s a few Warhol paintings at a local gallery here but it would be interesting to see the exhibition in your town. Good summation of the quote as the purity of nothing.


  2. Iconic! I love your take on this challenge, using the Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can. Brilliant idea, as often the soup can was viewed in multiples of multiples or side by side. In addition your photograph captures the “pop art” feel with the starkness of the lone can along with the lighting creating a crisp shadow, very clever! The quote is the icing on top! The entire post/presentation fantastic! ~ Mia

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