31 comments on “Lincoln love letter ~

  1. Nineteenth century American letters and newspaper articles /editorials are so much fun to read. So much is said indirectly and often you don’t know someone has been criticized until the words have really sunk in. I have to admit that I was initially shocked with my first glance of the photo seeing a statue of an assassinated president with a large whole in his body. I don’t understand the meaning of the two sculptures. At first I thought they might be chairs but it doesn’t look as thought you could sit in Mary’s lap.

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    • The sculptures are part of an international exhibit by a Chinese sculptor. The woman I believe is maybe a Chinese dignitary but I’m not sure of the story or meaning of the holes. I think trade with China opened during Lincoln’s term so perhaps it has some reference to that. It fits with the letter better if you think it’s Mary though. 🙂

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      • You’re so welcome! I think different is great, it worked very well and I hope you were entertained too, I certainly was. Your posts are always lovely, no doubt a lot of thought and creative decisions go into making them. It’s always a pleasure to be greeted by your posts in the morning. Today was good day, thank you. I hope yours was likewise, wishing you a terrific Saturday!

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  2. This made me just love Abe all the more…incredible way with words; “if it will add anything to your comfort and peace of mind to do so, it is my sincere wish that you should”
    Great post!!!

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      • I would say I’ve developed through apps like Insight Timer that have global communities and through blogging many relationships through email that often remind me of 18th century letter writing. Where we’ve never met but are now firm pen pals. And like in times of old we share all sorts of things about our lives, because we’ve never actually met. Often things that creative and close to the heart. So I think there is a form of this that has come back through the internet, but in a different way.

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      • You’re probably right in that now it’s in an altered form. People slowing down and taking the time to write I could see being one of the benefits with your work in meditation. I don’t mind letter writing but just like meditation I’m guilty of not setting aside the time. I’ll have to check out Insight Timer, thanks for mentioning it.

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