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    • I’m not sure about that one either but I thought the carousel was interesting. It has a history of originating from cavalry training. In the 1100’s the Arabs played a game on horseback tossing a ball so they would become adept at riding with one hand. I think it was the Spanish that called it Carosella or “little war.”

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      • The ‘tossing the ball” part might explain the two red balls. I often wish my discretionary income was such that I could buy a set of The Oxford English Dictionary like I was buying a magazine.

        I went to the Univs of Mo – St. Louis which was a commuter college with an 60 -90 minute roundtrip drive so I stayed on campus when I had two hours between classes. Aside from doing homework I used the time for research in the library, e.g. reading all the Reader’s Digest joke pages from the 1940s and 50s editions. I also spent an inordinate amount of time with a huge two volume set of the OED. And yes, my initial research on that was looking up the origin of all the dirty words. 🙂

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