28 comments on “Wings and Beautiful Things ~

  1. Thank you for liking “Replicas of Famous Landmarks.” Wonderful post! 🙂 It brought back memories of my monarch butterfly nursery and one butterfly that came to me with frayed wings. The butterfly with frayed wings came to me when I was about twelve, and I tried to take care of it until it passed away. I was a little sad when it died, but I do not feel so sad about it now that I know what short lifespans butterflies have.

    I grew up watching classic Hollywood movies, so I have heard of Bobby Darin. However, I did not know about his song called “Beautiful Things.” I like how the musicians of the past strove to develop their own unique style and sound. Their songs also had interesting lyrics. Nowadays it seems like a lot of music (at least the music I hear on the major radio stations in my town) is pretty formulaic and based on what will get the most sales. I think the same thing is true about today’s movies as well.

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    • The butterfly was meant to cross paths with you. A twelve year old caring for a butterfly with a frayed wing is very admirable.

      I agree that music played on the radio today is pretty formulaic. While I think there are still musicians today that are just as creative and unique as in the past, the music industry has been conglomeratized into as you say a formalized sound for corporate profit.

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