10 comments on “Portrait of Madame Freret Dericour

  1. I am always amazed that people can paint a picture so realistically with a brush. I just don’t see how it’s done (except landscapes by that curly headed guy on public television, he would show how he makes the magic). What really gets me in this painting is what Duplessis did with the dog’s front legs/paws, especially the left one hanging down imperfectly. I’m sure I would have had them both up on her arm.

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    • Some people are amazing at sketching and likely how they can copy almost like a photo before painting. Truly an art. Leg seems a little bit long but maybe it was the dog.

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  2. She’s truly beautiful! Amazing skill in portraying her so realistically. But even more important is how he captures her kindness. Her gaze is sweet like honey.


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