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  1. I’ve noticed something about a number of the comments accompanying the art. A lot is given to just a literal description at what one is looking at. For example the majority of the first paragraph describes what you are looking at as if you can’t see it yourself, 71 word to be exact which represents 41% of everything written about the painting. Just seems kind of strange to look at a painting them have someone tell you what you saw.

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    • That’s a good observation David. 🙂 When I was the editor for a cattle publication I always tried to approach it as if the reader knew nothing about cattle. Not because the readers were dumb but many were new to owning cattle and inexperienced. Perhaps that may be the art gallery’s thinking.

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      • You have a good point. I used to write policy and operating procedures manuals over 350 offices in 30+ states and took the same approach as you. I took the approach that the readers were ignorant (in the definitive sense of the word – not derogatory) and start with the very basics and build from that.

        I guess the detailed description of the art could be viewed as a teaching point, helping one see the individual elements as well as the whole, but it seems so very, very basic and elementary. I guess it’s just my preference that I’d rather there be more interpretation and less telling me what I think is the obvious.

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