12 comments on “The Spider and the Sage

  1. Thank you for sending this beautiful story by Mark Nepo. In its seeming simplicity it carries a world of
    truth and life lived in harmony with all.
    That is what I do.
    I will carry it with me in my heart as I go about business this sunny day.

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  2. What a wonderful story. I wish it were that easy and natural to be kind to everyone, even when they hurt you. Perhaps with practice.

    P.S: I like how you have matching photos and texts for every post.

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    • We try but you’re right that sometimes kindness towards the hurtful can be difficult. I guess we learn how not to be from them.

      Some days the photos and text match much better than others but thanks. Your lovely blog’s always a treat to visit because you have wonderful taste and a great collection of art. Wish you were here, I’ll be visiting the local art gallery tomorrow. 😉

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