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  1. Never ever a baseball diamond looked so colorful. I recently did a project with my son on Jackie Robinson, first African American to play in the national league.They fought so hard to get in the games.

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  2. I like football and my favorite team is Beşiktaş 🙂

    I think that every day of my life is magic because it has a lot of happy moments, i have a friend also 😉 He is my everything.

    A different kind of post, thanks dear Maverick ❤

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  3. This reminds me of our indigenous peoples of Australia, Maverick. Many can now be seen playing in the major leagues, as well as many others from the Pacific Region, and from areas of the world that once were not included in the sporting arena. It is somewhat slow materialising; however, equality is raising its valiant head more and more. Naturally, there is also the other side of that coin; though, I believe we are heading in the right direction.

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