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  1. I recently learned that the gargoyles on Notre Dame Cathedral were only added in the 19th century. They never made it onto the original structure. Very disappointing. Perhaps they could have saved it from the ravages of the French Revolution.

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  2. what’s interesting about gargoyles in relation to religion is that they were often christian depictions of earlier pagan gods. The style and shape the gargoyles took was different depending on the region but more often than not they were modeled after Ceronous, the Celtic fertility god that took the shape of a man with horns. When the Christians took over and subsequently pushed the pagan religions out, they demonized their gods through church artwork, portraying the older culture’s deities as monsters.

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    • Thanks Arthur. There’s a lot of cross culture history it seems. Perhaps there may have even been some marketing intent in their use to get pagans to attend church.


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