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      • Wow Alaska, I have life long love with Alaska. My vivid memory of only TV show of childhood, was about Nature show like Animal planet or NG.

        Since that time, I got hooked with Nature.

        I love that Alaska exotic train that’s runs through it. It’s one of the best train raid in the world. I don’t know the name of that train.

        But I love Alaska a lot because of its beauty. Recently, was watching a show, it’s now a lot of oil rigs have destroyed a lot of sanctuaries. But the wholves have regained lost territory where we can’t able to find any. Now Alaska have pocket of them.

        So great going.

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  2. Stunning photographs. The colours are so rich and vibrant. They are both beautiful, but my favourite is the fallen trunk. I saw a huge camouflaged snake hiding in the undergrowth just waiting…

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