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  1. Nice barn photo. I read his Wikipedia entry to see if he grew up in a rural area or on a farm because he really seemed to have a sense for it but didn’t see anything that would indicated that. Came back here and reread the poem. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I can now see that it could be read as him going out on patrol in Vietnam everyday.

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  2. This reminds me of a neighbour, Maverick. He is now retired, but once a farmer. He cannot stop. He is up at the crack of dawn watering, tending his lawn. We even see him out close to midnight, weeding.
    They are certainly a breed of their own. And we are in such need of them!
    Loved your image… xoxoxo

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  3. Nice one… We all should be farmers of dream (Having Patient). We Dream, we take our first step towards the Dream, but might not see a thing… But be patient and keep going to the field… For a day will come you will be filled….
    Farmers of Dream


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