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  2. Beautiful photos of “curve”. I love the connection between the photos, the Mae West quote and the music video with the photos of Marilyn Monroe. Lovely presentation. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday. ~ Mia 🙂

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    • Thanks Mia. One of the things I like about the WPC is it gives me an opportunity to post some oddball photo sometimes. Hope you got your wheels fixed and back. Went to the garden today and basically just tried out a couple of lenses. Saw where your hotness may catch up with ours. Stay hydrated. 🙂 Night will soon descend upon us and I hope that yours is wonderful tonight. 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. Hey, they’re great “oddball photos”. Nice, were you pleased with how the lenses worked? I hope not, you can keep the heat! 😉 Thank you, I hope that you’re having a wonderful evening. I know what you’ll be doing tomorrow! 🙂 *Hugs* ❤ xo

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      • Thanks Mia. Some photos are hard to match up. If you ever write a prehistoric poem I have dinosaurs. 🙂 I have a prime lens that I use mostly but I was just changing up for something different. Monday will be your hottest day but it’s also the Strawberry Moon and Solstice so be cool and go out at night. Yeah you know what I’m doing tomorrow, wish you were here. 😉 Hope you have as much fun doing whatever it is you’ll be doing tomorrow. *Hugs* ❤ xoxo

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      • Well, I thought they were great, especially the door, love it! I thought you were going to post the dinosaurs sometime soon. Yes, that’s what I’m hearing about Monday. I will have to check out what a Strawberry Moon is. Oh, I will be doing the same thing tomorrow, so don’t feel alone! 😉 *Hugs* ❤ xo

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      • It’s strawberry season that’s why it was called Strawberry Moon. Full moon and solstice the same day is somewhat rare. I feel better now knowing that tomorrow we’ll be tumbling together. 🙂 Sweet dreams Mia. 🙂 *Hugs* ❤ xo

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