19 comments on “Treadwell gold mine ~

      • You’re welcome. Laughing, only one more day, what is it they say about wishing your life away? I always feel like that when I wait for Saturdays. Oh yes, quite fun, my Mia-day will be car maintenance, only one step above going to the dentist. 🙂 How about you? I hope you have something delightfully fun planned, unlike me, ha-ha. 🙂 Wishing you a splendid evening as well. ❤ xo

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      • Yeah wishing it away.. Work I break down into 4 quarters like a football game. Lunch is halftime. 🙂 Other than my usual Sunday laundry I have no work planned for the weekend. I’ll probably go to the garden on Mia-day so you can live vicariously through me. Poor you, hopefully it goes well and you’re not trapped in a greasy garage for long. Perhaps your next inspiration. 😉 Enjoy tomorrow and the rest of your evening dear Mia and thank you. *Hugs* ❤ xo

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      • Ha-ha, halftime, I love it! Lucky, the garden sounds lovely, well I’m sure I will get the opportunity to live vicariously through your photos, thank goodness! Thank you, enjoy your Friday too and the rest of your evening. See you tomorrow Maverick. *Hugs* ❤ xo

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  1. Yes, pretty much. Jack went to the Yukon in search of gold but ended up going back to San Francisco with scurvy. No gold but he had his stories from his adventure.


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