14 comments on “Happy Cinco de Mayo ~

  1. “Tudo é presente, nada está perdido.” It would appear señora Kahlo wrote this before she hit 60. 🙂 Nice photos with great detail and lighting.

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  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Beautiful photos, so festive! Love the Frida quote, it is amazing when the most insignificant image touches the heart. Wonderful music videos, Jimmy Buffett and Rodrigo and Gabriela. Have a marvelous day! Terrific and very fun post! ~ Mia 🙂

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    • Happy Cinco de Mayo Mia! 🙂 What’s funny is I had done this before talking to you last night. So when you said you were coming dressed as Frida I had to check my closet to see if you were hiding in there. 🙂 Today seemed to go fast so it was a good day, from Frida to Friday. Hope you have had a good cinco and that your seis will be terrific as well. Gracias querido amiga. 🙂

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    • Cheers! 🙂 English version:

      “Life is cruel to have invented memory. How to regain the old shades in their earliest memories; dying, my memory revolves around the sun, and how it brightens everything! Everything is present, nothing is lost. It’s like a hidden force which impels us to be encouraged again, in the face of evidence that there will be no more future. The past is amplified, its roots thicken. Everything in me is rhizosphere. The colors are crystallized on each stratum. The smallest image plays its absolute; the heart beats on the rise.”


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