25 comments on “WPC: Dinnertime

  1. Beautiful photos! The red bird, is a Cardinal? Lovely colors captured. The quote is perfect, also I want you to know the cat looked at me, “really” and walked away! I watched the video cat-less. 😉 Wishing you a wonderful day! ~ Mia 🙂

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    • Yes, the bright red bird is a male cardinal and the lesser red one flapping wings is the female. Ha-ha, I’m laughing at you ending up watching the video alone. Cat’s can be finicky. Thanks Mia, my day was good. Hope your day was awesome! 🙂

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      • You’re welcome. Well, it was what I expected, you know I’m only a guest in my own home and have the opportunity to sleep here. I am the maid and feeder whenever and that’s all the time. Finicky is a nice word, demanding comes to my mind, but so does love. It all equals out. Now if it’s a real bird that seem to be more interesting, I don’t know why. Okay, good they were cardinals, wasn’t 100% sure. I pleased to read you had a good day, mine was indeed awesome, thank you. Wishing you a lovely evening, enjoy creating your post for tomorrow! 🙂

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      • Cats with an attitude can be all the more lovable since they tend to have more personality. Although the calico’s I’ve known seem crazy. 🙂 Already got you covered for tomorrow. Your cat may like it or… maybe not, lol. Wishing you a lovely evening as well Mia. *Hugs*

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      • They do have a certain “cattitude” making them lovable! True, the calico can be kind of wacky. Yay, what does the cat know? It only matter what I think anyway! 😉 Thank you! *Hugs* Have a wonderful Sunday!

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