14 comments on “Born to blush unseen…

  1. Truly beautiful photos. I’m glad that you were able to capture the blush of these tulips, lovely, and a wonderful line quoted. Hope all is well with you, two more days to go after today! Have a terrific evening! ~ Mia ❤

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      • You’re welcome! Thank you for your lovely words. ❤ Honestly the photos are stunning, the tulips are so perfect they almost don't even look real. Yes, the week has been lovely, of course the weather has been great too! I'm pleased to read that you're having a good week and not hanging from a cliff. 😉 I don't think I will ever forget that headline, it certainly puts things into perspective. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy the rest of the evening! I'll be looking for you tomorrow morning!

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      • I’m happy to hear that you’ve had a lovely week so far and have stayed away from Malibu cliffs. 🙂 You’re certainly deserving of all that sunshine. Thanks again dear Mia ❤


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