20 comments on “Work of art ~

  1. I took a course in Tudor poetry in college but I don’t remember Whitney so I looked him up via your link. I like the quote you supplied so much that I’m almost tempted to see if I can find a copy of his emblem book. I think this extract from the full 87 word title of his emblem book applies pretty well to your blog: “… by the office of the eie and the eare, the minde maye reape dooble-delighte …”

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  2. Amazing capture of these little guys! They are beautiful photos, I especially like the one in which you caught the honey bee in flight! Beautiful words to accompany your images and the music this morning is lovely and very emotional. Everything is wonderful, have a Happy Thursday! ~ Mia 🙂

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      • You’re most welcome and thank you. I read your post this morning and it occurred to me that I haven’t seen any bees in the garden yet, especially because for the most part the weather has been wonderful and everything is starting to bloom. Indeed it is our day, yay, finally! Wishing you a Happy Friday too! 🙂

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