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  1. Sir Maverick!!!? This is a brilliant children’s book! May i have the extreme honor to illustrate it for YOU?! I have had my art published & i am VERY good friends with a man who has had five books published…It should be published & i LOVE painting things for children more than anything else…grownup shit is kinda boring. PRETTY PLEASE?! if yes, please say yes, well, tell me then ok? ~amy of soon to be illustrator for a children book written by a Maverick about a bear. asaabsfables@gmail.com

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    • Amy I wish I had written it as I know you would do a great job with the illustration. I do have a friend that is writing a children’s book and if she already has an illustrator she may know other authors. So I’m glad to have your info and I will pass it along. Thanks. πŸ™‚


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