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  1. i kindly accept this reward(without even asking, haha) since i never was nor will ever be able to draw a perfect circle or a straight line. why should i ? i am unorthodox, and i love it that you and your kid have been drawing outside the lines..this is one of my favorite photos here. wonderful post. thank you

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  2. Well said, and I nice tribute to Mr. Spock who went to his final reward yesterday. As for coloring outside the lines, I’m thinking artists like Picasso and others of his ilk probably didn’t get gold stars in school either and they turned out okay LOL

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  3. Thank you for liking “Night Beauty.” Wonderful post! 🙂 I am sorry to hear that your son had a bad day at preschool, but I enjoyed reading your story. My 5th grade teacher gave out these handouts with abstract patterns for the students to color nearly every week. Coloring these handouts was like an art contest, and the winner would get a prize. I colored within the lines, and I still did not win. 🙂 I never knew the criteria he used to judge the winner of these contests. I did not think to ask him, and after a while I did not care about the contest. I colored the handouts because I had to, and then I moved on to 6th grade. 🙂

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