9 comments on “Happy Saint Dwynwen’s Day!

  1. Oh wow. What an honour to be linked to your site. Thank you from my heart. The flower is so alive with colour (vibrant and almost moving – it connects to a moment in our script in an uncanny way!!) It’s going to be a great focus for our rehearsal tomorrow to think about the profound quote you have selected with such insight. I appreciate this with gratitude.

    I will share this image with our creative team who I know will be so thrilled, inspired and encouraged to share in celebrating this post.

    More power to you. Wishing a happy St Dwynwen’s day for one and all! ;-D

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    • Thanks Lita. I know how much effort and work you put into your play and since London’s way over yonder and a bit far it’s good to know that I’ll at least be there in spirit. Wishing you all much success and a happy St Dwynwen’s day! 🙂


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