9 comments on “Autumn Crocus ~

    • Just as long as it was your heart and not your computer. 😉 I’ve been enjoying your gorgeous Autumn display. I think you’re a couple of weeks ahead of here.


      • I have more Autumn to post, Maverick. And yes it was my Heart …. been having more then my share of probs. Yet, I must be honest, this afternoon my iPad has begun to act almost like herself again. Could it be true? Love, Amy


      • Things are beginning to look up, Maverick. For the first time in weeks, my iPad is beginning to function like her “normal” self. Do I dare believe this is going to stay after weeks of torture? I think my next post will be my “Passion Explodes in the Sky”. I witnessed a once in a liftetime event the other evening, one that I felt like falling to my knees in awe. Yep, this is coming! (((HUGS))) Amy

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