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      • You are welcome, Maverick. Having trouble again with Rusty who is on the surgery schedule for next week. His toe that some of the tissue died, cannot support the nail. We think. His paw is now inflamed and very painful. He must get that nail out which means a declaw on that one toe. I don’t believe in declaw, but this is for a medical reason. Poor little guy has been through too much and now this. Looking at the bright side … we saved his leg. One less nail and a little more of his one toe gone is no big deal. So yep, that’s what is up on my end, plus feeding some cats, inclusive of Rusty, who are not eating right. And taking photos to save my sanity. GRIN ….. Love, Amy


      • Thanks, Maverick. I just feel so bad for Rusty and yeah, a little for me too. Enough already. But if this will take care of the problem, let’s do it! Love, Amy

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