7 comments on “Answer to a Child’s Question

      • Whatthuh…oh dear, i did this to myself. me the chirping chickie. 🙂

        it is cold and drizzly here..and my soul is blue. sorry but not cheery chirpy 2day! 🙂


      • oh, let it snow and let it show…post a picture and let us see your world.

        make a snowman and give him obnoxious traits and be the talk of your nieghborhood. lol 🙂


  1. Hi-de-ho, twas a fluffy snow. Not conducive for building snowmen but light for shoveling the driveway. The neighbors be safe from obnoxious traits… for now. I took a couple of cold rushed photos but unfortunately they turned out blue like you. Hopefully you’re feeling better now. I did have one photo that perhaps I’ll post sometime of the truck grill that if you have a great imagination you might see a snow angel. 🙂


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